Here you will find all the commonly asked questions.

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Will I get banned for buying coins?

No, the first offence for buying coins if you are detected is a coin wipe. As long as you spend your coins on cards, they will have nothing to take.

However, I do take certain precautions such as not using max price range, multiple accounts and multiple types of cards. This lowers the risk of being flagged by EA.

If you have already been flagged in the past, please buy coins at your own risk as the second offence is a club deletion.

Do you offer refunds if I get wiped?

Unfortunately at the moment I do not provide any refunds if you are flagged and wiped.

Please buy coins at your own risk.

What is player auction/comfort trade?

Player auction is a trading method whereby I tell you which players to buy and list. You will need to be online to trade via this method.

Comfort trade requires me to have access to your web app details so that I can log over and transfer the coins myself. A tutorial for comfort trade is provided here.

How much coins do I need to buy from you?

It is recommended to start with 15-20k.

If you don’t have that and can’t sell players from your club, the minimum amount of coins required is 500 to start.

Do you cover 5% tax and player costs?


That means you will get all the coins purchased straight into your account.

Player pricing will be based on FUTBIN lowest BIN for each specific player.

How long does it take to transfer the coins?

It usually takes 15-20 mins to complete a transaction.

Please note that the more coins you start with, the faster we can finish the transfer process as more expensive players have larger price ranges.

What hours are you available to trade?

Currently I am available between 4-10pm GMT 10+ on weekdays.

On weekends I am available between 10am-10pm GMT 10+.

My response times for messages vary between 0-10 hours.

What is whitelisting?

For more information on what whitelisting is and the procedure, please check out the whitelisting page.